Medical Delivery


For over ten years, Carolina Delivery and Logistics has been providing service for the medical community, and we know how important timely specimen delivery is to providers and patients.

Our experienced and trained medical couriers perform deliveries that meet or exceed client specific and industry guidelines.

Our drivers are prepared to handle any specific needs:

  • • temperature & handling requirements
  • • Consolidation and shipping
  • • Rush dedicated delivery

We adhere to proper specimen handling procedures, carry transport bags and spill kits that meet HIPAA, OSHA and DOT requirements. So whether you need a STAT delivery across town, a daily route or supplies and equipment moved, we are prepared to handle it.


CD&L is your delivery agent in this market; we are very familiar with the fast-paced, ever-changing needs of expedited air freight.

Whether you need an item picked up and tendered on an outbound flight, or a courier to recover a package and get it to your customer ASAP, we have you covered.

Our dispatchers track your AWB while in flight to ensure timely delivery when it arrives.

CD&L is an approved indirect air carrier by the TSA. We follow all training, handling and paperwork procedures to maintain security and compliance.

Our experienced team and knowledge of airport and cargo facilities allow us to provide high quality NFO service and last-mile delivery.

Airport Delivery
Van Delivery

Rush Delivery

Rush delivery is more than a service. It’s a mission we accept to deliver your package on-time, accurately and as safely as possible.

At Carolina Delivery and Logistics we understand the importance and urgency of your rush delivery. Our dispatch team deploys GPS-tracked drivers and uses real-time traffic maps to meet your deadlines. At CD&L we work to earn your trust as your delivery partner, and our experience and knowledge of our city and surrounding areas sets us apart.

Courier Services

One size does not fit all when it comes to courier services. We take pride in understanding your business and customize the service to fit your needs.

From future deliveries to needing it yesterday, we are on YOUR time. We are your local courier, cross-state or regional delivery service. Any time, any place, we are there.

For specific questions regarding vehicle types/sizes or services, please call our office today – please allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

Package Delivery